CNC Slitting Line
CNC slitter, as known as cut to width line, is to cut the coil with various widths and rewind it. The process is consists of coil supplying, cutting, packing and releasing.

iTOKO’s slitting machine is manufactured in consideration of automation,high quality, energy saving, productivity and stability. The slitting line can be divided into many kinds but it is composed according to winding type, driving type and winding tension control in general.
The general specifications are same as below:

Thickness  0.12 ~ 25.0mm
Width  300mm ~ 2500mm
Coil weight  10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45Ton
Cutting type  Drive-cut, Pull-cut
Cutting accuracy  0.05 ~ 0.1mm
Line speed  80m/min, Max. 300m/min
Materials  Mild steel, HGI, GI, CCI, CR, HR, SS, Copper, Aluminum
CNC Cut to Length Line

CNC shearing machine, as known as cut to length line, is to cut the coil with various lengths. Cutting is done by shearing which upper knife engaging with lower knife.

The process is consists of coil supplying, cutting, stacking, packing and releasing.

iTOKO’s cut to length line is manufactured in consideration of automation, high quality, energy saving, productivity and stability.
The general specifications are same as below:

Thickness 0.0.15 ~ 25.0mm
Width 500mm ~ 2500mm
Coil weight 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 Ton
Cutting length 500 ~ 6,000mm(12,000mm)
Cutting accuracy 0.05 ~ 0.10
Leveler 4 & 6 High leveler(Cassette)
Line speed 30m/min ~ 150m/min
Number of cutting 10cpm ~ 80cpm
Cutting type Rotary, Up-Cut, Fly-Die-Set(DDS)

4-Hi AGC Rolling Mill
Four-high reversing cold rolling mill, Application and characteristics 1. Suitable for common carbon steel, stainless steel, rolled steel, special aluminum or copper tape strip etc. 2. Work roll and supporting roll drive type,Can quickly adjust the strip crown, Change the contact pressure distribution between the rolls, to control the plate shape and plate convexity purposes.

Features & Applications

1. Suitable for mild steel, stainless steel, and special steel.

2. Transmission method: working rollers transmission and supporting rollers transmission. Control methods: common electric pressing down and hydraulic pressing down through AGC system.

3. Equipped with hydraulic bending working rollers which can fast adjust the gibbous degree of rollers to change the distribution of touching pressure between rollers in order to control the plate form.

4. It is equipped with AGC system to get high precision,which is especially suitable for rolling high precision requirements of cold rolled strips investment.

Tube & Pipe Mill Line
The tube & pipe mill machine is an automation system to produce pipes, square tubes, shaped tubes for furniture, steel structures, hand rails, piping, heat exchangers and so on by slit coils(skelp). It can be divided into ERW(Electric resistance welding) type, TIG welding type and PLASMA-TIG welding type.
General process is same as below:
1. Decoiling Unrolling the winded skelp.
2. Butt welding Connecting the both ends of skelp for the continuous production.
3. Accumulator Stacking the connected skelp to decrease the material preparation time.
4. Forming Passing skelp through the roll forming tool.
5. Welding Welding process by electric resistance.
6. Cooling Air and water cooling to uniformalize the heated organization after high frequency heat treatment process.
7. Sizing To accurate the out diameter of pipe.
8. Cut-Off Cutting to ordered dimension.
9. Straightening Passing through the correction gap for the straightness.
10. End facing Chamfering & beveling the cut side according customer’s order.
11. Hydrostatic testing Checking the water leak and crack.
12. Packing Packing by ordered.

iTOKO, we fidelity to mill stand’s principles in manufacturing not only the main part but also the front and the rear part and do our best for the high quality by keeping the processing standardization and high accuracy.

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