Welding Electrode

AWS E6010, E6011, E6013, E7016, E7018, E307L, E308L-16, E309L-16, E312L-16, NiCr625, 2535Nb etc

 Welding Wire

AWS E70T-1C, E71T-5C,  E81T-K2C, ER70S-6, SG2, EM12,EM12K, 2535Nb, CrNi625, ER309L, ER312L, ER316L etc

 CNC Slitting Line

Different gauge of thickness cut-to-length line for steel, pipe-making etc industries...

 Cut-to-Length Line

Different gauge of thickness CNC Slitting line for steel coils processing; thickness: 0.10~25.0MM, width: 600~2500MM

 Welding Flux

Welding flux: SJ101, SJ109, SJ301, SJ414, SJ501, SJ501M etc.

 Welder & Tools

AC/DC Welding Machine;Portable mini inverter ARC welder etc