2018 Qian Xuesen Dual-Use Technology Forum in Beijing

On May 18, 2018, the Qian Xuesen Forum in-depth meeting focused on the seminar on strengthening the military and enriching the country and the 2018 (Fifth) China Conference on the Application and Promotion of Dual-Use Technology was held in Beijing. Academicians and experts from aerospace, universities and enterprises jointly focused on the in-depth Seminar on strengthening the military and enriching the country.

Xue Huifeng, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Space Systems Science and Engineering, gave a keynote report entitled Challenges and Countermeasures of National Strategy for Civil-Military Integration. The report points out that in the development of civil-military integration, we need to focus on the axis of integration and grasp the balance point strategically; in the campaign, we should focus on the narrowing, alienation, generalization, materialization and cavitation of the difficulties of integration, and strive to open up the joint points; in tactics, we should pool the strength of integration and occupy the commanding heights!

The Chinese Academy of Space Systems Science and Engineering has fulfilled its glorious mission of "building Qian Xuesen think tank, supporting the aerospace service country and becoming the main unit of building a military-civilian integration industry platform", aiming at breaking through the "tactical barrier" of technology transfer, and taking "demand traction, government platform building, aerospace promotion, enterprise singing, fund following and people benefiting" as its thinking, through the platform construction, Publish a package; connect enterprises, one-stop docking; transfer technology, one-chain transformation of the three-step route, from shallow to deep promotion of transformation.

Md.William Wu from TOKO Technology(Wuxi) Co.,Ltd, as a VIP enterprise representative has been invited to participate the 2018 Qian Xuesen Forum and Millitary & Civilian Dual Practice Technology Promotion Conference in Beijing...TOKO Technology awarded the member unit of China Millitary & Civilian Dual Pratice Technology Association during the conference, Md.William Wu talks with Xue Huifeng the head person of the Chinese Academy of Space Systems Science and Engineering.


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